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Ice programs 2020

Ice programs 2020 30.04.2019

Baikal freezes over in January. Best in the world Ice diving! Travel and diving! These two words briefly describes ice jeep safari on Baikal lake. In four words one can say ice travel and under ice diving.

The dates for Ice Diving Safaris at Baikal for 2020 are set: 

February 13th – February 19th: Maloe More – Olkhon.  14 available plaсes
February 22th – February 28th: Maloe More – Olkhon.  Fully booked
March 3th – March 9th: Maloe More – Olkhon. 14 available plaсes
March 13th – March 19ndMaloe More – Olkhon. 5 available plaсes  
March 22th –  March 28th: Maloe More – Olkhon. 5 available plaсes

April 1th – April 7thSearching and looking Beljok (Baby nerpa). Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.  3 available plaсes 
April 8th – April 14th: Searching and looking Beljok (Baby nerpa). Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.  6 available plaсes  

April: (mid-Baikal, Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.). This is a unique safari ‘Searching for Beljok”. A full information about this trip can be found in the article from Neptune magazine:    

As usual out program includes: sagudaj, pozy, banya on ice, relaxation and diving! 

During Ice diving safari you can complete course Ice Diver. You can also complete this course during under-ice daily diving in Listvyanka. You can also take this course during the ice dayli diving in Listvyanka. Ice diving and diving courses in Listvyanka are scheduled from February 1 to 11 and from March 22 to March 29.


We planned to finish mounting a new engine and generator on our safari boat Valeriya. The testing was complete, State Ship Register seriously examined all equipment and approved of its operation, so in the third decade of May we started our first safari. This safari was only for BaikalTek members, as no matter how State Ship Register is strict, our BaikalTek testing is still more important.



I always wanted to see an iceberg. I thought an iceberg is as beautiful underwater as it is above the water… So, I went to Antarctica. I made a dive and I was disappointed – there was just some indistinct wall to see.

A few days ago, the Baikal Ice Jeep & Diving Safari finished.  April. “Barguzin program». I have seen my ‘dream iceberg’ in Lake Baikal!  The picture was a 100% match!!!  I have never seen anything like this before, in no safari


Week 1 - It must have been the coldest safari in our history. We started safari season in the beginning of February for the first time. We used to make them in the beginning of March, then shifted to the middle of February and now we are starting in the beginning of February. During this safari we experienced as low temperatures as -35 Celsius at night and -23-30 Celsius in the day. This made us recollect our previous trips (when it was -22 Celsuis, wind and no sun) with a feeling that those seemingly harsh weather conditions were a laughable absurdity if compared to what we faced this year. However, despite the objectively reasonably lower temperatures we subjectively did not feel really cold.