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Ice programs 2019

Ice programs 2019 13.04.2018

Baikal freezes over in January. Best in the world Ice diving! Travel and diving! These two words briefly describes ice jeep safari on Baikal lake. In four words one can say ice travel and under ice diving.

The dates for Ice Jeep Diving Safaris at Baikal for 2019 are set: 

February 6th – 13th: Maloe More – Olkhon 6 available plases  
February 17th – February 22th: Maloe More – Olkhon  6 available plases
February 23th – March 1th: Maloe More – Olkhon  7 available plases 
March 10th – March 16th: Maloe More – Olkhon - Listvyanka. 10 available plases 
March 19th – 25nd: Maloe More – Olkhon. 9 available plases  
March 27th –  April 2th: Maloe More – Olkhon - Ushkany Islands - Barguzin Bay, Buryatia. 15 available plases

April 3th – 12th: Searching and looking Beljok (Baby nerpa). Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.  6 available plases 

April: (mid-Baikal, Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.). This is a unique safari ‘Searching for Beljok”. A full information about this trip can be found in the article from Neptune magazine:    

As usual out program includes: sagudaj, pozy, banya on ice, relaxation and diving! 
During jeep diving safari you can complete course Ice Diver. You can also complete this course during under-ice daily diving in Listvyanka.


An unusual divesite - Methane Volcano - was explored. 4 km away from the mouth of the Selenga River, at the depth of 40 metres in the dull clay bottom (what else can be expected from a place next to the mouth of a big muddy river?) there is a huge methane volcano and a small volcanic crater.



It’s been quite a while since we last published our news. This surely does not mean that there wasn’t anу. A lot of things have happened, so many, that we did not even have the time to sort them all out in order to make a nice quality presentation about our safaris, programmes, course and so on.



Gennady Misan set a personal record having reached the depth of 160 metres (his previous record depth was 155 metres). Tatiana Oparina also beat her previous record of 156 metres, which was, moreover, Lake Baikal record deep dive and, possibly, world record of diving deep in very cold water. Thus, her new dive to 170 metres, which Tatiana made, is a new Lake Baikal record and, possibly, a new world record of diving deep in very cold water.