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Ice programs 2020

Ice programs 2020 30.04.2019

Baikal freezes over in January. Best in the world Ice diving! Travel and diving! These two words briefly describes ice jeep safari on Baikal lake. In four words one can say ice travel and under ice diving.

The dates for Ice Diving Safaris at Baikal for 2020 are set: 

February 7th – February 13th: Maloe More – Olkhon.  9 available plaсes
February 15th – February 21th: Maloe More – Olkhon.  14 available plaсes
February 23th – February 28th: Maloe More – Olkhon.  14 avilable space
March 1th – March 7th: Maloe More – Olkhon. 7 available plaсes
March 9th – March 15ndMaloe More – Olkhon. 7 available plaсes
March 22th –  March 31th: Maloe More – Olkhon. Full

April 3th – April 9thSearching and looking Baikal seals and Baby nerpa. Chivyrkuisky and Barguzinsky bays.  8 available plaсes 

April: (mid-Baikal, Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.). This is a unique safari ‘Searching for Beljok”. A full information about this trip can be found in the article from Neptune magazine:    

As usual out program includes: sagudaj, pozy, banya on ice, relaxation and diving! 

During Ice diving safari you can complete course Ice Diver. You can also complete this course during under-ice daily diving in Listvyanka. You can also take this course during the ice dayli diving in Listvyanka. Ice diving and diving courses in Listvyanka are scheduled from February 1 to 11 and from Aplril 1 to April 10.


The BaikalTek instructors often meet the seals under the ice because they dive often.  A ‘normal’ diver is rarely so lucky. Jean from Switzerland is one of the lucky guys. Though it was his first Olkhon Ice Safari at Lake Baikal, he saw a lot: huge ice shapes, moving ice mass, dancing planaria… and finally, a seal! 



And I was really lucky. One teacher is good, two is even better. And two best teachers make it precious. Gennady Misan and Tatiana Oparina, thank you for your making all the long way and coming to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom! You did not only answer all our questions, but you also analyzed the situations, and you gave solution options and practical examples. Thank you for your high-grade professionalism, objective evaluation, thorough debriefing and promptly encouragement that was inspiring and empowering. Thanks for the interesting and useful communication. Living on the shore of Teletskoye Lake feels like living on another planet. When you came, it felt like the guests from a similar neighbor planet visited us, the same kind of people, and that was great! A return visit is ours!



In general, places and dates are in the schedule on our web-site. We prefer organized groups, but there are places for single divers, who can join organized groups or we might arrange a combined safari hosting such divers.

See you in the Baikal safari and have a great diving!