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A place worth several dives. A dive boat can be tied to the trees in the shore to the north from Cape Khoboy-Khushun, but we usually anchor it in the offshore area to the north of the cape. Offshore shallow waters can be 25 meters deep. The anchor is dropped to the depth of 10-15 meters.

In the northern part of the dive site right from the sandy beach in the shore there begins a steep inclination of stones that gradually turns into a canyon. At the depth of 35 meters the canyon finishes with underwater «towers» on the right and on the left from the canyon - slopes. Further right begins a vertical drop off. The drop off edge is at the depth of 12-18 meters. On the drop off egde there is a huge stone that looks like a turtle from underneath. The lower part of the drop off at the depth of 60 meters turns into a steep inclination. Further south the wall length gets to the depth of 100 meters, after which a steep inclination begins. In the drop off there is a picturesque deep crack and at the depth of 55 meters there is a grotto. There is one more grotto at the depth of 30 meters in a small canyon. The offshore area which is 12-18 meters deep is also very beautiful: huge rocks covered in sponges, nice weeds, lots of small fishes, Lake Baikal shrimps. Usually the shrimps prefer cold water, so when shallow waters become too warm for them, they go away to the depth in search of better conditions. The boarderline between the central and the southern (left) parts of the site is formed by a canyon that begins from the depth of 20 meters and runs to the depth of 60-65 meters. To the left and to the right of the canyon there are almost vertical drop offs. A dive boat is anchored usually to the left from the canyon and the dive begins in this canyon.

A perfectly nice place for divers with different levels of experience. 


Хобой Хушун. Камни на шельфе. KHOBOY KHUSHUN CAPE

Хобой Хушун, Валуны. KHOBOY KHUSHUN CAPE



Diving from a drifting boat, as neither anchoring nor tying up are possible.

An inclination, sometimes benchy. Sponges, graylings, bullheads.


A place for night diving. A dive boat is anchored, as local pier was ruined by the ice and storms and to crown it all - by tourists, who thought it looked like firewood.

Sand floor covered in weeds. Bullheads, Lake Baikal shrimps. 

Бухта Ая. AYA BAY


A place located half-way from Birkhin to Olkhon dive sites.

A dive boat is anchored opposite the only rock (shallow waters depth - 10-12 meters).

A sand inclination with stones covered in sponges. In the rock on the shore - picturesque grottos, huge stones lie along the shoreline.

Someplace here in 1989 a scuba was lost. So, findings of old-type dive equipment are possible.


Орсо, шельф. ORSO POINT.

Орсо, в гроте. ORSO, Gtotto