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Daily diving at Baikal

Seasons of daily-diving at Baikal

January Dives into open water at the beginning of Angara river in Listvyanka, port Baikal. Depths are from 3 to 45 meters.
February-March Dives into open water at the beginning of Angara river, under ice diving in Listvyanka, Bolshie Koty, and Round Baikal Railway.
April – mid-Mau Dives into open water at the beginning of Angara river
Mid-May - December Dives at Listvyanka, port Baikal, Bolshie koty, and Round Baikal Railway.
Listvyanka, port Baikal (70 km away from Irkutsk, Baikal shore) You can get to Listvyanka either by car or by route-taxi. A vessel leaves from Listvyanka to port Baikal several times a day. Also you can take a speed-boat. Dives are taken from the shore. There are over 15 dive sites in the area.
Bolshie Koty (north of Listvyanka). 15 – 40 minutes on a dive-boat. Dives are done from the ship. About 12 dive-sites.
Round Baikal Railway (south of Listvyanka). 15 – 40 minutes on a dive-boat. Dives are done from the ship. About 15 dive-sites.

Diving condiitons:

Water temperature  +3+80C;
visibility – 10-45 meters;
current – very rare, very light;
depths - 3 to 40 meters;
dive time up 40 45 minutes;
number of dives: summer – up to 3 dives, winter,fall – 1 or 2 dives depending on the weather.;
services of guiding instructor
advised equipment – double 7 millimeter or dry suit; winter regulator. Organization of diving:
11-00 dive starts. Boarding the ship or briefing on the shore.
12-30 – 19-00      diving, up to 3 dives a day with the lunch break.
in guest hall or in Siberian traditional house. Double rooms. Bathroom, shower – house or a room. There is banya and/or sauna. Three-time meal. Traditional Siberian cuisine and fish dishes.  Under water:
vertical walls (to 90 meters), canyons, grottos, stepped rock-sandy slides, sponge gardens, sea grass, variety of underwater creatures and fishes.

Approximate program for a week-long vacation at Baikal:

Day 1. Meeting at Irkutsk. Transfer to Listvyanka. Accommodation with a family in Siberian house. Lunch. Check dive “Three Bears”. Excursion to Limnological museum. Banya. Supper.
Day 2. Breakfast. Dive “Sennushka”. Lunch. Dive “Second Broken Deck”. Free time. Supper. Banya.
Day 3. Breakfast. Dive “Krestovka”. Lunch. Dive “Chapaevka”. Free time. Banya. Supper.
Day 4. Breakfast. Ship ride to dive sites at Bolshie Koty. Dve “Srednyaya. Caves.” Lunch on board of the ship. Dive “Berezovyi”. Free time. Supper. Banya.
Day 5. Breakfast. Ship ride over to dive sites of railway. Dive “Baranchiki”. Lunch on the shore. Excursion in the tunnels of the railway. Dive “Tunnel”. Supper. Banya.
Day 6. Transfer to Irkutsk. Leaving procedures or accommodation in the hotel.  What to do in free time: Walks along the shore, hiking, horse riding;
Excursions to museums; history museum Taltzy, Round Baikal Railway;
Boat or yacht rides on the lake;
Relaxation on beaches

(Vitia Liagushkin. Magazine "DIVETEK" №4 2007)

I was like everyone else,
Drank and worked in fields.
I have read Dao De Jing
And have understood: “I got caught!”
I have burned my penthouse,
I have checked the vines
And I got out to dance
In the fog over Yatszy.