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Around Lake Baikal Trip

Duration: 13 days / 12 nights

Peculiarities: route length - 1,300 - 1,500 km!!!

Available: June-August

Number of dives: up to 4 dives a day, including night dives

Main Areas: Circum-Baikal Railway, Bolshiye Koty, Khomuty, Birkhin, Maloye Morye (the Small Sea), Olkhon, the Ushkan Islands, Brown Bears Shore, Barguzin, Ayaya Bay

This safari route covers the whole of the Baikal from the south to the north and includes all dive areas. It provides a unique opportunity to see the most remote and difficult-to-reach parts of the lake. The safari distinguishing feature is that apart from diving we planned daily shore exploration programmes, landscape excursions and animal watching. A real opportunity to watch bears and se

als from a very short distance. A very well-packed programme for those, who want to dive a lot and spend the time hiking as often as possible. 

Tonkiy island. Baikal seal

Foto Harald Hois. Берег Бурых Медведей

Foto Harald Hois. Нерпа в бухте Аяя

Foto Harald Hois. Гаммарус - байкальский эндемик

(Vitia Liagushkin. Magazine "DIVETEK" №4 2007)

I was like everyone else,
Drank and worked in fields.
I have read Dao De Jing
And have understood: “I got caught!”
I have burned my penthouse,
I have checked the vines
And I got out to dance
In the fog over Yatszy.




(Artem Melamed. Magazine "Neptune")

People are followed by things to do,
People follow the money,
They try to escape shame and sadness.
And I follow, follow the fog,
The dreams and the smell of taiga.
(Y. Kukin)

Saloon of ship “Valeriya” is swaying quietly on the Baikal’s waves; the thoughts start moving quicker through the head hurried by the sound of the motor, and outside the illuminator there is only indescribable beauty. A thoughtful young man is sitting with his laptop, trying to lure in the muse and get some inspiration from her. This is probably the best time to start a ship journal about our adventures. So, get comfortable, pour yourself some tea, take a cookie, and listen.