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Following The Ice

Duration: minimum 8 days / 7 nights

Peculiarities: once a year only

Available: from the beginning till the end of May

Number of dives: up to 3 dives a day

Main Areas: Bolshiye Koty, Olkhon Island, the Ushkan Islands, Brown Bears Shore

May 1-9 is the time when Lake Baikal ice enters the phase of very quick melting. Southern part of the lake gets rid of the ice first and some 10 days later the rest of the Baikal becomes free of its winter crust. However, northern bays of the lake stay frozen up to the middle of June. The safari boat follows the melting ice north. 

The seal on an ice floe

This is ideal time for photographers. High-contrast landscapes. Mountain peaks white with snow and shores full of colour. Bright green taiga. The sun, the ice floe around the safari boat and You - sunbathing in the sun deck. The floating ice is the place for lake Baikal seals to sunbathe too. This is the time of the year when the seals are moulting, so they are likely to let humans get very close. Photographing and making videos of the seals on the water surface is guaranteed, if we are lucky we might even take shots of them diving too. Air temperature - up to +20 Celsius. Water temperature - +10 Celsius.

Foto Oxana Istratova

(Vitia Liagushkin. Magazine "DIVETEK" №4 2007)

I was like everyone else,
Drank and worked in fields.
I have read Dao De Jing
And have understood: “I got caught!”
I have burned my penthouse,
I have checked the vines
And I got out to dance
In the fog over Yatszy.




(Artem Melamed. Magazine "Neptune")

People are followed by things to do,
People follow the money,
They try to escape shame and sadness.
And I follow, follow the fog,
The dreams and the smell of taiga.
(Y. Kukin)

Saloon of ship “Valeriya” is swaying quietly on the Baikal’s waves; the thoughts start moving quicker through the head hurried by the sound of the motor, and outside the illuminator there is only indescribable beauty. A thoughtful young man is sitting with his laptop, trying to lure in the muse and get some inspiration from her. This is probably the best time to start a ship journal about our adventures. So, get comfortable, pour yourself some tea, take a cookie, and listen.