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Olkhon Safari

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Peculiarities: the most popular safari

Available: from the middle of May till the middle of September

Number of dives: up to 4 dives a day, including night dives

Main Areas: Bolshiye Koty, Khomuty, Birkhin, Olkhon, Circum-Baikal Railway

A classic safari, giving one the opportunity to dive a lot of dive sites. More dives every day (because it is summer time!), more time to relax on the shore and aboard. 

Ижимей, Каньон. IZHIMEY-SOUTH

Day 1

We will greet you once you arrive in Irkutsk and take you to our dive-center to lease equipment, if necessary, and then head straight to village Listvjanka (about 60km away from dive-center), where the ship is. Once we board the ship, we’ll have breakfast and start of our journey!
12:00pm – lunch 
1pm – first dive of the day is at “Chernaja Rechka” where there is a series of canyons, an underwater wall and sponge
4pm – second dive of the day is at “Sennaja” – underwater wall, canyon, tunnel, sponge
6pm – dinner
6pm-6am – night shift to Olkhon

Day 2

7am – breakfast
8am – first dive of the day at the left-end of “Uhan-Zjun-Kugun” – ledged slope, sponge, grayling (kharius)
12am – lunch
1pm - second dive of the day at the right-end of “Uhan-Zjun-Kugun” – ledged slope, ‘Finger Rock” (large detached reef), grayling (kharius)
4pm – dive at “Otstojnyj Beach” – sand-stone slope, sponge
6pm – dinner
The night stay is at Otstojnyj Beach with a Bonfire. Possible night dive.

Day 3

7am – breakfast
8am - first dive at the left-end of “Burun-Bude” – canyon, grotto, underwater wall, sponge, grayling
12am – lunch
1pm - second dive at the right-end of “Burun-Bude” – canyon, ledged slope, sponge, grayling
4pm – another dive, location "Shield"
6pm – dinner  
The night stay is at Otstojnyj Beach with a Bonfire and barbecue (“grilled” grayling, shashlyki). Possible night dive

Day 4

7am – breakfast
8am – first five at cape “Izhimej” (which is located near the highest mountain on Olkhon and deepest point of Baikal) – canyon, tremendous underwater wall, sponge
12am – lunch
1pm – dive at cape “Khoboj” (northern point of the island – safari turns around here and we head south through Maloe More) – this is Didier Nuaro’s (former Cousteau team’s cameraman) favorite diving spot – canyon, sponge, large rocks, caves.
4pm – dive at “Shamanka” – a rock where god of Baikal’s, Burkhan, is believed to live - sandy bottom, large boulders, sponge
6pm – dinner   
7pm – 8 pm - tour of the village Khuzhir and to the rock Burkhan - the symbol of the Baikal
8pm - 8am – night shift to Bolshie Koty

Day 5

7am – breakfast
8 am – dive at “Tchajachij (Devil’s Bridge)” – underwater wall, unusual geological structure of the shelf and walll, a grotto, sponge.
10am -12am – tour of the village Bolshie Koty, visit to the museum of biology.
12am – lunch
1pm – dive at “Skripper” – ledged wall, canyon crack, detached rock towers, grotto, sponge
4pm – dive “Sennaja” – underwater wall, canyon, tunnel, sponge
6pm – dinner 
Night stay north of Bolshie Koty village. Possible night dive.

Day 6

7am – breakfast
8am – dive at “Sennaja” – underwater wall and caves, sunken anchor, sponge
12am – lunch
1pm – dive at “Tolstyj Canyon”
2pm – 4pm – a tour around old railway
4pm – dive at “Baranchiki” – wall and grotto
6pm – dinner 
Stay at Baranchiki, Banya (Russian Sauna).

Day 7

7am – breakfast
8am – dive at “Wall Katorzhanka” – wall, remains of a train car, grayling
10am – 12am – tour around old railway
12am – lunch
2pm – dive at “Krestovka” – canyons, grottos, wrecked docks, gun, gammarus and pike fish
3pm – 5pm – tour to limnological museum and around Listvjanka
5pm – transfer in the hotel in Listvjanka or Irkutsk. Next morning we provide shuttle to the airport.

Технический дайвинг во время сафари


(Vitia Liagushkin. Magazine "DIVETEK" №4 2007)

I was like everyone else,
Drank and worked in fields.
I have read Dao De Jing
And have understood: “I got caught!”
I have burned my penthouse,
I have checked the vines
And I got out to dance
In the fog over Yatszy.




(Artem Melamed. Magazine "Neptune")

People are followed by things to do,
People follow the money,
They try to escape shame and sadness.
And I follow, follow the fog,
The dreams and the smell of taiga.
(Y. Kukin)

Saloon of ship “Valeriya” is swaying quietly on the Baikal’s waves; the thoughts start moving quicker through the head hurried by the sound of the motor, and outside the illuminator there is only indescribable beauty. A thoughtful young man is sitting with his laptop, trying to lure in the muse and get some inspiration from her. This is probably the best time to start a ship journal about our adventures. So, get comfortable, pour yourself some tea, take a cookie, and listen.