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Be a Ice Diver

Счастливые Baikal Ice Divers

The greater number of Ice Diver certificates are issued in Russia and a very big  part of these certificates are issued in Lake Baikal. BaikalTek instructors make hundreds of ice dives a year in different parts of lake Baikal and have a great experience in teaching ice divers. Ice Diver certificate with BaikalTek logo is a mark of quality and an excellent recommendation.

Lake Baikal ice diving! Can you think of a better option? Nothing compares to ice diving in Lake Baikal! These are not our words, this is what our numerous guests say - the most experienced ice divers, who made dives in the Antarctica and Greenland, the northern seas and high altitude lakes of Switzerland. So we can’t think of a better place to take this course.

Course requirements: Minimum age - 18 or 15 (with parental consent).  Advanced Scuba Diver SDI, Dry Suit Diver  or equivalent, 25 logged dives.

What you can expect to learn:

  • You will learn much interesting information about ice, will learn to cut a hole in the ice and make it comfortable, surface rope routine, getting ready for a dive when the air temperature is very low.

  • Will learn to be comfortable under the ice

  • Will grow proficient in the use of a standard ice diving gear configuration: 2 regulators, safety ropes.

  • Will learn the rules for gear check, the use of gear, emergency situations settlement for ice diving.

  • Will learn to work in a united team of ice divers

What is in it for you? You will discover an unusual, severe beauty of lake Baikal ice diving. Even the super-instructors diving in the southern seas will feel great respect for you!

For professionals: you can get Ice Instructor specialisation. Please, contact us for more detail. 

(Andrey Nekrasov)
Almost 6,000 kilometers and four different kinds of transport were left behind. I had to change transport for three times and, finally, I got to Siberia, Lake Baikal. Gennady Misan, the director of the dive-center “BaikalTek” met our group at the Irkutsk airport, and took us to the island of Ol’hon. A wooden estate situated in Khuzhir, the main village of the island, was our place of residence for the next week. Before the trip I had thoroughly looked through the Internet pages concerning Lake Baikal and without any hints could indicate that Ol’hon Island was the largest island of the lake, located in its middle part, near its western shore. Its maximum length is 71 km, width is 12 km. The western side of the island is washed by the Small sea which is a huge shallow bay (or more precisely it is a strait). Its width is 20 km. But the bottom on the other side of the island is literally an abyss. The deepest point of Lake Baikal (1642 m) is only in 5 – 6 kilometers from the bank. But as a saying goes, seeing is believing so it’s better to go there than reread the published data a hundred times. After all, I came here with a specific purpose which is a detailed (in the literal sense of the word) exploration of ice in Baikal.