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Barguzin Ice Diving Safaris. Season 2019


During the break between the Olkhon and Barguzin Ice Safaris, a group of Hong Kong divers came for the ‘Ice Diver’ course. The three-day diving course was successfully completed. There are now six ice divers more in Hong Kong.

Divers from Hong Kong

The Barguzin Ice Safari started from Irkutsk on April 3.

This year, the underwater cracks and intricate ice structures were apparently more picturesque than the ones in the Olkhon Safari. It is not always the case. However, this time, it was just so.

Here is what a BaikalTek instructor wrote in Facebook:

I always wanted to see an iceberg. I thought an iceberg is as beautiful underwater as it is above the water… So, I went to Antarctica. I made a dive and I was disappointed – there was just some indistinct wall to see.

A few days ago, the Baikal Ice Jeep & Diving Safari finished. April. “Barguzin program».

I have seen my ‘dream iceberg’ in Lake Baikal! The picture was a 100% match!!! I have never seen anything like this before, in no safari. Gennady has not either.

Walls. Massive ice walls. Vertical. Long (minimum 30-40 m). Above, an even ‘ice ceiling angle’. On the side, an ‘ice hypotenuse’, a very wide ice cave (in photo 2, it is not to be seen in full size).

It’s impossible to express this in words, emotions are taking over. As Gennady says, «the crack is posh, but not photogenic’”. The picture cannot convey the real scale and sensation.

THE DREAM HAS COME TRUE!!! Here, at home, at Lake Baikal! The best diving for me (both in winter and in summer) is HERE!!!

These are the impressions of the last dive in this season. It is a pity there was no good underwater photographer or cameraman to film all this.

Ice walls

Ice walls

There were two Barguzin Ice Diving Safaris: a German group and a Russian group. For the next season, three safaris are planned one of which is already fully booked. The safaris are much more of an expedition character than the Olkhon Safari: up to 250 km a day on the ice and on the picturesque mainland. No mobile warm houses. In April, it is warm enough, and the participants can use cars and tents.

Safari Group

In search of the seal

Safari Group

As a bonus to the standard program, we can see the seals all the time during the Barguzin Ice Safari. April is the time when they sunbathe on the ice.

February 2 – April 14. That was the season of the Baikal Ice Diving Safaris. 70 days non-stop. 6-week safari + 3-week Ice courses in Listvyanka + one-day breaks in between (for preparation/disassembling/repair and other necessary little things).

This season is over. There are still booking opportunities for 2020: February 15-20/ March 3-9/ April 10-14.
High price. Quality. Unique.

In search of the seal

Near the Peninsula Holy Nose

Near the Peninsula Holy Nose

Трещина у Нижнего изголовья Святого Носа

На трещине Нижнего изголовья Святого Носа

На трещине Верхнего изголовья Святого Носа

Near the Peninsula Holy Nose

Ice camp

At the end of May, other programs begin – diving safari by ship. Follow our news, take part in our events. Check our schedule and join us. Because diving in Baikal means BaikalTek!


And I was really lucky. One teacher is good, two is even better. And two best teachers make it precious. Gennady Misan and Tatiana Oparina, thank you for your making all the long way and coming to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom! You did not only answer all our questions, but you also analyzed the situations, and you gave solution options and practical examples. Thank you for your high-grade professionalism, objective evaluation, thorough debriefing and promptly encouragement that was inspiring and empowering. Thanks for the interesting and useful communication. Living on the shore of Teletskoye Lake feels like living on another planet. When you came, it felt like the guests from a similar neighbor planet visited us, the same kind of people, and that was great! A return visit is ours!



In general, places and dates are in the schedule on our web-site. We prefer organized groups, but there are places for single divers, who can join organized groups or we might arrange a combined safari hosting such divers.

See you in the Baikal safari and have a great diving!



We planned to finish mounting a new engine and generator on our safari boat Valeriya. The testing was complete, State Ship Register seriously examined all equipment and approved of its operation, so in the third decade of May we started our first safari. This safari was only for BaikalTek members, as no matter how State Ship Register is strict, our BaikalTek testing is still more important.