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Technical diving courses IANTD, TDI

If you have decided to become a “serious diver” and learn to control your equipment in really extreme situations – come to LakeBaikal. Big depths, transparent waters, convenient relief, open water year around – ideal conditions for tech courses just on Baikal!

Dive center “BaikalTek” and IANTD Timix Instructor-Trener, TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Gennady Misan and Trimix Instructor IANTD Tatiana Oparina conduct tech diving training on IANTD and TDI systems. Nitrox, Gasblender, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Technikal, Extended Range, Entry Level Trimix, Trimix, Expedition Trimix – we can do everything!
There are no so many really deep diving instructors and there are less (and noticeably less) who teaches to dive deep in a cold water. Gennady Misan has made his record Baikal dive to the depth of 154m in December; the water temperature was +1 degrees! He often dives to the depths of 100-140 m in Lake Baikal. The tech diving training procedure on Lake Baikal requires full participation of the both the trainer and student. Only in this case one can get the best results. If student performs all necessary procedures in cold Baikal water in a dry suit and dry gloves sometimes in complete darkness you may be sure in his/her high level. Severe conditions are not reasons to decrease minimal requirements of the course. Dives on 55 m in ER course and 90 and 100 m dives for Advanced Trimix are still here! And all the dives in a course range are made until good result – the dive made with fun. 

Dive center “BaikalTek” has all necessary to conduct training: great instructor experience, necessary equipment (doubles, stages, blending system); all necessary cases (oxygen, helium, nitrox, trimix). The team of Technical divers of “BaikalTek” will support the most difficult and deepest dive in your life.
We are ready to correct the lack of your training in other places that do not give you the possibility do make real deep dives. Master classes of deep dives and master classes of deep cold water dives are practiced in our dive center. The master classes are held by Gennady Misan. 
After the courses it is very important to dive more and more to get the experience and we will help you. Deep water dive support is a constant practice of our center. If your level allows we may let you make a solo dive without paying for the gases of support diver. One more important thing – helium in Russia is much cheaper then in other countries and you deepest dives will be cheaper than on Palau or Egypt. We are the first in a knowledge baggage on Baikal Lake and its dive sites (like on everything that connected with scuba diving on Baikal) and we will show its most remarkable places. We have been to many countries and we may compare. 

IANTD and TDI technical diving courses


IANTD – international association of nitrox and technical divers.
World’s First technical association. It educates recreational and technical diving. It was established in 1985. In Russia it is coordinated by licensed IANTD-Russia.

TDIinternational technical diving.
It was established in 1994 by tech-diver and instructor Brett Gilliam. This is a first technical only system. In Russia it is coordinated by TDI/SDI-Russia

TDI CoursesTechnical Instructor Gennady Misan and Tatiana Oparina

  • Sidemount : 19000 rub
  • Intro to Tech : 28000 rub
  • Nitrox : 8500 rub
  • Advanced Nitrox : 19000 rub
  • Décompression Procédure / Heliotrox Diver : 30000 rub / 32500 rub
  • Extended Range : 45000 rub
  • Entry Level Trimix (Normoxic) : 48000 rub
  • Advanced Trimix (Hypoxic) : 69000 rub
  • Advanced Nitrox + Deco Pro : 28500 rub
  • Deco Pro + ER : 40000 rub
  • Deco Pro + Trimix : 41500 rub
  • Nitrox Gaz Blender : 9500 rub
  • Advanced Gaz Blender : 9500 rub

IANTD courses

  • Advanced Nitrox : 28000 rub
  • Technical : 45000 rub
  • Normoxic Trimix 48000 rub
  • Trimix (Hypoxic) : 69000 rub
  • Nitrox Gaz Blender : 9500 rub
  • Trimix Gaz Blender : 9500 rub

Prices include: theory and practice sessions, certification, literature, double-tank, manifold, deco-tanks, gases. 

(Tatiana Oparina. Magazine "DIVETEK" №2 2006)

...It has a smooth surface of 31471km, spreading out between 106 and 109 longitude and 52 and 56 latitude. 2100m of shore line, which are moving apart from each other 2cm a year. It is 25 million years old chalice containing 23 000 cubic kilometers of fresh water and having the maximum depth of 1637m...All this is the greatest lake on the planet - Lake Baikal.