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Technical week on Lake Baikal

During this week there will be only deep dives with the team of only technical divers. Technical Diving Week is headed by Gennady Misan – instructor-trainer IANTD & TDI, record holder for diving in cold water (154 meters – Lake Baikal, December) We are looking forward to hosting both advanced tech divers and those divers who have a desire to get acquainted with technical diving. You can participate in classes and in master-class workshops, and obviously you can simply enjoy great diving in the company of skillful and well-known divers and instructors.

Within technical week there will be:

  1. Deep dives at the dive-sites of Listvjanka. Dives on air and trimix. Master-class workshops and technical classes by Gennady Misan. Planning to hold a workshop on deep dives level Deep 1 (120 meters) and Deep 2 (140 meters), as well as TDI classes: Advanced nitrox, Deco procedure, Extended range, Trimix entry level, Advanced Trimix, Cavern, Intro to cave, Full Cave.
  2. Trip to a deep-water cave (95 meters) near Bolshie Koty area – dive-site Chajachij. The dive will be done on trimix.
  3. Dive to the deep part of dive-site Chajachij, done on deep air and trimix.

Equipment rentals cost (double-tank manifolds, stages, gases, blending) can be found on out website:

(Tatiana Oparina. Magazine "DIVETEK" №2 2006)

...It has a smooth surface of 31471km, spreading out between 106 and 109 longitude and 52 and 56 latitude. 2100m of shore line, which are moving apart from each other 2cm a year. It is 25 million years old chalice containing 23 000 cubic kilometers of fresh water and having the maximum depth of 1637m...All this is the greatest lake on the planet - Lake Baikal.