Daily & Safari

Daily & Safari

Underwater Baikal has a lot of objects for deep diving. Wall is a usual landscape for Baikal underwater world. Deep-sea, grandiose canyons - fascinate and attract, caves at the limit of the available depth are waiting for new explorers, seamounts flaunt in the green-blue haze of depth, deep-sea underwater arches require another passage. Also we have places where you can be the first explorer. At those places either none has dive before or dive but not deep enough. 

Due to the fact that the lake is a rift, all dive sites are located near the shore. The organization of diving on the most popular dive site in Listvyanka is similar to Dahab diving - everything is done from the shore.  

Tech dives are possible on any safari. Any dive site is suitable for both openwater and trimix divers. The drop-off (wall) starts from a depth of 3 m and goes up to 100+ under an almost vertical slope.

We prepare gases directly on the ship. The ships are made with the needs of technical divers in mind. Convenient and comfortable diving directly from the ship. No need to go to the zodiac. Positioning the ship over the dive site.

Deep objects

Our club specializes in technical diving. In the data of “BaikalTek” we have the best characteristics for Baikal dive-sites, it was made by Gennady Misan. Gennady has been doing deep-dives for more than 20 years, and constantly hold technical classes, organizes and provides safety during deep-dives at Baikal both on air (in the way of Deep Air and Extended Range) and on trimix mixes.

Dive sites for different dive and level:
- for a personal record - vertical wall (120-180+m)  
- railway wrecks (45-90+m)
- deepwater landscapes - canyons and mountain system (50-120+m)
- caves, caverns, arches, tonnels (40, 55, 90+m)

Variety of landscapes at the depth. Often, the drop-off begins from the wall, and at the depths the landscape changes - seamounts, giant boulders, labyrinths between stone peaks, canyons appear.
Giant fauna (by Baikal standards) - "huge-headed" stonefish, big planaria (flatworms, similar to a Spanish dancer), bright red gammarus (more than 10 cm).

On decompression: rich bushes of the Baikal sponge, a large number of organisms on rocks and sponges, gammarus, stonefish, snails, and you can also meet grayling.

Diving conditions

Technical diving at Baikal requires high level of preparedness and skills. Deep-dive at 0-4 degrees requires very good equipment, good skills in technical procedures and self-discipline. On the warm sea 50 meters on air and 100 meters on trimix cannot be considered even a depth. Come and try out 50-100 meters at Baikal and you’ll be able to experience all the joy of extreme diving.  

January –May –depths up to 50 meters under ice and up to 90 meters in open water.
Mid-may – beginning of January – no limits .

Water temperature below 20 meter:
July-November +3-4°C. December – June +0.5-2°C.
Water temperature up to 20 meter:
December – June – +0,5-4°С. July – August +8+18°С. Perfect for decompression!
September - October +8+12°С. November - +4+6°С

Visibility: up to 60 m. Even with water temperature +18°C (upper water layers in July-August) visibility at depths below 30 meters is rarely less than 25 meters.
July - August - possibly the best time for technical diving. Warm water for decompression and crystal - clear - at depth.
Light: even with poor visibility, it is light at depths of 60-90 m. Everything is visible without a flashlight. In case of better visibility - a flashlight is not needed up to 130-140 m.
Сurrents: sometimes very strong. Always caused by mixing of deep and surface water (upwelling). Unpredictable. They can start and end suddenly.
and waves. These conditions are really comfortable for decompression stops.
Waves: at a depth of 6 m, even large waves are poorly felt. But they can be strong on the surface, during entry / exit from the water.
Landscape: comfortable natural platforms for practicing exercises (procedures) at 3-9 meters. Vertical wall starts from 3-6 m.
Dives done to 90-115 meters right from the shore, drop-off start at 5-300 meters away from the shore.
Vertical walls fall to a depth of "non-stop" up to 45-160 m. Some dive sites have an absolutely vertical wall up to 100-180 m.

Recommended equipment:
- trilam dry suit
- 2-3 underwear layers: sports thermal underwear + diver thermal underwear (maximum den) + undersuitwear (300-400 den) or similar.
- dry gloves
- technical BCD with steel backplate 
- regulators for extreme cold water (0-4°C mark), including oxygen regulators

Rent & prices

The technical equipment of our dive-center
- double-tanks with manifold (24 l)
- deco-tanks (10,12 l)
- sidemount tanks and tanks for rebreather, Sofnolime
- technical BCD,  oxygen regulators, canister lights.
- DPV (up to 80 m)
- oxygen, helium, blending system to prepare nitrox and trimix. 
- the ships (for liveaboard) have diving ladders, suspension systems for stages, a 6 m oxygen hose for emergency decompression, and an emergency lifting platform.
Price for rent equipment.

Gas preparation "to order", for any trimix dives (to any depth, with any mixture composition) is done only after we are confident that you CAN do the declared dive.

Approximate program for technical Diving at Baikal (daily diving):

One dive a day using trimix or 2 dives on air or nitrox.
Day 1. Meeting in Irkutsk. Transfer to Listvyanka. Accommodation in hotel. Lunch. Check dive “Second Destroyed Deck”. 30-50 m. Stepped wall, sponge, grottos. Checking the equipment, configurations, and weights. Excursion to Limnological museum. Banya, dinner.
Day 2. Breakfast. Dive “Chapaevka”, 40-90 m. Wall and sponge. Lunch. Dive “Krestovka:” Canyons, grottos, and destroyed deck. Free time. Banya, dinner.
Day 3. Breakfast. Going by ship to Bolshie Koty. Dive “Srednyaya, caves”, 40-100 m. absolutely vertical wall, cave, and grotto, sponge. Returning to Listvyanka. Lunch. Dive “Sennushka”. 40-60 m. Wall, tunnel, sponge. Free time. Banya, dinner.
Day 4. Breakfast. Going by ship to the dive sites of old railroad. Dive “Katorzhanka, wall”, 40-110. Vertical wall, remainders of the sunken train-car. Lunch. Dive “Yahont”, 30-45 m. Rock-sandy wall, and a lot of fish, sponge. Banya, dinner.
Day 5. Breakfast. Transfer to Irkutsk. Departure or accommodations in Irkutsk.


Level – from Advanced Nitrox. Technical classes during safari. One dive a day with using trimix or 2 on air (nitrox).
Route 1 (10 days): Listvyabka – western shore of Baikal – eastern Olkhon – Ushkany Isles – “Shore of brown bears” – eastern Olkhon – western shore of Baikal – Listvyanka. The route is not fixed and is a subject to change due to weather conditions or clients’ choices.
Route 2 (5 days): Listvyanka- Bolshie Koty – Homuty – western shore of Baikal – old railroad – Listvyanka.
Accommodation: twin cabins, FB. Any type of nitrox. Trimix. Services of technical instructor. There is decompression chamber in Listvyanka and Irkutsk.