Relax style. Ideal if you prefer to dive without long transfers, "weather adventures" and extreme dives. There is a lot of free time after diving. Dive sites - in the water area of ​​Listvyanka, on a 4 km line. From the hotel to the ice - 1 minute walk (if your accommodation is on the first line) and 15 minutes on foot if your hotel is in the very, very seclusion, in the depths of the valley.

Good location for Ice Diver Course and for dry suit training.  You can easily embody any creative ideas - hockey under the ice, model shooting or just leisurely watching bubbles "on the other side of the ice".

Ideal for families. There are many winter activities: mountain skiing and tubing, dog sledding, skating, ice bath (sauna), tours to Circum-Baikal Railway, Park-Reserve "Tankhoy", Baikal Museum, Taltsy. Rides on hovercraft. Big fish market.

Dates & price
Season - from 25 January to 10 April (may change due to ice conditions). 

Schedule Ice Daily Diving in Listvyanka 2022:
31.01 - 06.02.2022
24.02 - 02.03.2022
20.03 - 27.03.2022

Standard package * - 5 days / 25000 rub.

Included: tanks, weights, tea / coffee.
** The price is valid only for a package offer. 

Book and calculation for other dates

Day 1. Meeting with the instructor. Discussion of the dive program, verification of certificates, filling dive forms.

Day 2 - Day 6. Ice Diving:
09.00 Start from hotel in Listvyanka. Transfer to the diving center. 
09.00 - 10.30 Equipment check, preparation for diving. 
10.30 - 12.30 Diving 
12.30 - 15.00 Free time 
15.00 - 17.00 2nd dive (if the weather is good).

Day 7. End of the program. Transfer to Irkutsk

- rent of a hovercraft for diving outside Listvyanka - from 40,000 rubles / day (maximum 3 people)
- professional photo / video shooting - from 10,000 rubles / dive
- transfer from / to Irkutsk (group and individual) - from 500 rubles / person
- hotel booking
- excursion support (on diving days, after dives or additionally before / after the dive package)

Diving with an instructor (in a group of 1-3 people) - 10000 rubles / dive

Conditions & rules

Water temperature +0.5 +1°С 
Visibility- 10 - 15 m
Currents - unlikely, if present, they are extremely weak, practically invisible.

Air temperature: -30°С / -5°С  (January/February), -20°С / +10°С (March/April).
At temperatures of -25 ° C and below, diving is possible, but not recommended. Very strong wind is possible (50-100 km / h). Hole close to the shore, BUT! the warmest clothes and warm waterproof shoes are recommended.   

Diving rules:
1. Ice Diver + Dry Suit Diver certification required.
2. Diving is possible only in a group of 2-3 people. Solo ice diving is prohibited.
3. Groups of divers dive into the hole one by one. During the dive of the 1st group - the second group holds the rope on the surface. After the dive, the groups change roles.
4. Ice diving is possible only with the use of a safety line (rope). The safety rope is fixed to the diver's equipment. Diving without a rope or using an individual reel is FORBIDDEN.
5. It is necessary to have 2 regulators.

Recommended equipment - dry suit, dry gloves, 2 regulators (for extremly cold water, mark 0-4°C), 3 layers undergarment: thermal underwear, special diving underwear maximum den (Arctic 4 Element, Body Tec2 Waterproof or similar) + undersuit max den (BZ400 Santi, Wezzle Extreme or similar), 2 pairs of wool socks.  

What we will see: the main advantage of ice diving in Listvyanka is that in addition to contemplating the Baikal ice, we will dive along the walls, canyons, see Gammarus and the Baikal sponge. Между майной и берегом часто проходит живописная трещина. A picturesque crack often forms between the hole and the shore. During freeze-up, ice accumulates (gets filled) under the coast, forming beautiful forms. Bubbles exhaled by divers form mini-domes, which are gradually colonized by amphipods (gammarus), juveniles of small fish and algae.

Open water & Ice

Listvyanka is a unique place. There is open water 365 days a year! An unusual combination of ice and open water makes daily ice diving in Listvyanka even more varied and interesting.

Dive site "Rogatka" is the source of the river. Angara. Never freezing water area. The entrance to the water is from the shore, into open water. But already after 10 m - the edge of the ice, going perpendicular to the coast. You can study the ice from below and still remain in the open water!

Moving along the edge of the ice, you can swim up to the wall, with sponge bushes. Ducks live at the edge of the ice all winter. During the dive, we often watch them dive to the bottom in search of fish and amphipods. Sometimes to a depth of 20 m. And sometimes they swim under the ice so far that you wonder how they find a way out without a rope- :).
In addition to the landscape and ducks watching, there is an chance to see the ice without diving into a hole and ropes. You can go under the ice edge (not far, only 1-2 m) and already see cracks, bubbles, ice hummocking.

A good place for dry suit practice or check-dive before a series of ice dives.

Current: The place where we dive is still Baikal. There is a current, but very weak. Algae sway beautifully above the bottom. And that's 1 more + to dive here!  

Special dive - Crossing Angara River! For experienced technical divers only.

The dive starts on the left bank of the Angara River (from the port of Baikal). The entrance is also open water. In a couple of minutes we find ourselves on a beautiful drop-off, large sponge bushes, meet gammarus and gobies. Moving along the edge of the Baikal bowl, at a depth of 12-14 m, we go towards the Rogatka pier. In the middle of the route we will meet the current (for a short time), go deeper (up to 18 m) and in about 50-55 minutes we will reach the right bank walls. Another 30-40 minutes - and we are on the left bank of the Angara! The total dive time is 90-100 minutes. The total distance is 1.5 km. The recommended gas supply is a spark with nitrox (12 * 2) or a 15 l bottle + stage.