Discover Scuba Diving

Дайвинг на Байкале для новичков с опытными инструкторами

Discover Scuba Diving

Do you have a dream to see the bottom of Lake Baikal or try scuba diving? Do you want to get the experience of weightlessness and feel a little like an "astronaut"? 
An introductory scuba diving accompanied by a diving instructor will help you make your dreams come true.

According to international standards only. Safety first!

Max depth - up to 8 meters
Time in water - 30-40 minutes, time at depth - up to 20 minutes.
The total time for the dive is 1.5-2 hours

When? - all year round, any day, by prior reservation
Where? - in Listvyanka Village, on Baikal


Safety: the dive is only "one-on-one" with an instructor. We do not practice diving with 2 or 3 people per instructor, as you may be offered in some clubs. Only direct contact "instructor-diver" during the dive allows you to ascend at any time and in time to respond to emerging problems. During the dive, the instructor holds your hand and controls your equipment.

age - from 18 years old, children from 10 years old - with the written permission of the parents
contraindications: diving is available to most people with normal physical fitness. However, there are some specific diseases and physiological characteristics in which diving is undesirable. If you are in doubt whether you can go diving - just call and our instructors will advise you.

Step by step:

  1. Call or write WhatsApp: + 7-914-88-70-800; + 7-914-870-44-68; + 7-902-512-17-92 to book your dive time. Let know your sizes (height, weight, foot size) for booking and preparing equipment. Make an advance payment.
  2. Meeting in Listvyanka (usually at 9.00, but it can be different).
  3. Briefing (15-30 minutes) about diving, safety, equipment, underwater signals.
  4. Preparation of equipment (done by the instructor). Dressing up a suit and scuba gear (~ 30-40 minutes).
  5. Entering the water. All dives are done from the shore. We go into the water up to the waist and try to breathe from the scuba on the surface, standing at the bottom.
  6. We swim on the surface along the coast, get used to the equipment, try to paddle correctly with fins and breathe in motion.
  7. We dive to shallow depths (1-2 meters) and breathe under water.
  8. Slowly we go deeper and try the state of weightlessness.
  9. If you like everything - we descend to the maximum depth, look into the abyss.
  10. Come back to shallow water, swim along the bottom, watch fish and Baikal shrimps.
  11. Ascent, ashore. The instructor will help you to remove the fins, suit, equipment.
Cost - 8500 rubles.
For groups (from 2 people) - 6500 rubles / person.
For groups of more than 5 people - individual calculation.

The dive must be paid in advance. If it is impossible to arrive at the booked time, inform about it at least 2-3 days before the start of the dive. In case of cancellation of the dive on the day of the dive, the prepayment is not refundable.

Diving conditions

→ from the shore
→ in any weather. Limits: temperature below -30 ° С, wave - more than 1 m.
→ water temperature: + 1 + 4 ° С (January-June, December); + 6 + 12 ° С; + 12-18 ° С (August-September), + 6 + 8 ° С (October-November)
→ all equipment is suitable for diving in cold water
→ preparation for diving, dressing - in winter - in a warm room, in summer - on the shore or indoors (depending on weather conditions)

What will we see under water?
→ Baikal endemics - sponge, amphipods (gammarus), stone fish (small fish)
→ the famous Baikal abyss
→ canyon, wall, grottoes, huge boulders (depending on the dive site)