Подледный дайвер

Ice Diver

Ice Diver

The greater number of Ice Diver certificates are issued in Russia and a very big  part of these certificates are issued in Lake Baikal. BaikalTek instructors make hundreds of ice dives a year in different parts of lake Baikal and have a great experience in teaching ice divers. Ice Diver certificate with BaikalTek logo is a mark of quality and an excellent recommendation.

Lake Baikal ice diving! Can you think of a better option? Nothing compares to ice diving in Lake Baikal! These are not our words, this is what our numerous guests say - the most experienced ice divers, who made dives in the Antarctica and Greenland, the northern seas and high altitude lakes of Switzerland. So we can’t think of a better place to take this course.

Course requirements: Minimum age - 18 or 15 (with parental consent).  Open Scuba Diver SDI, Dry Suit Diver  or equivalent.

What you can expect to learn:

  • You will learn much interesting information about ice, will learn to cut a hole in the ice and make it comfortable, surface rope routine, getting ready for a dive when the air temperature is very low.
  • Will learn to be comfortable under the ice
  • Will grow proficient in the use of a standard ice diving gear configuration: 2 regulators, safety ropes.
  • Will learn the rules for gear check, the use of gear, emergency situations settlement for ice diving.
  • Will learn to work in a united team of ice divers
  • Will learn to support ice divers from the surface

What is in it for you? You will discover an unusual, severe beauty of lake Baikal ice diving. Even the super-instructors diving in the southern seas will feel great respect for you!

For professionals: you can get Ice Instructor specialisation. Please, contact us for more detail

Dates on Baikal: January to April.

Ice diver course cost: 39,000 rubles.

The price includes: theory in class and on ice, three dives, work with the support of an ice diver, certification. Not included: rental of personal equipment