Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver


The IANTD Rescue Diver Course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform diver rescues and assist and administer the necessary first aid in the event of an emergency. The course is conducted in conjunction with the course IANTD Diver First Aid. Diver First Aid Program is designed to teach divers how to manage diving accidents and other injuries that may occur at a dive site.

Purpose. The IANTD Rescue Diver Program is designed to develop proficiency in self-rescue and buddy-rescue. After the Rescue Diver Course you can enroll in the Divemaster Course.


Must be qualified as: IANTD Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent and must provide proof of a minimum of 10 logged dives. IANTD Diving First Aid or equivalent. IANTD Oxygen Administrator or equivalent. IANTD CPR or equivalent

NOTE: The Diving First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Administrator Programs may be taken concurrently with the Rescue Diver Course.

Age requirement: A minimum of 15 years of age for Diver qualification with a parent or guardian authorization, OR. A minimum 18 years of age without guardian approval.

Program Content

This program must include: Academic Classes, Open Water Dives. A minimum of 120 minutes of OW bottom time, a minimum of four (4) SCUBA dives.

Water Skills Development: Missing Diver Skills, Buddy Assist Skills, Diver and Buddy Rescue skills, Required Skills Final Check, Personal Rescue Skills.

Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of diver first aid or Oxygen Administration or AEDs.

The cost of the Rescue Diver Course + Diver First Aid Program is 22500 rubles.

The price includes: theory in the classroom, theoretical exam, dives and examination dives in open water at Lake Baikal, certification Rescue Diver and Diver First Aid

Not included: rental of personal equipment.