SDI Соло дайвер

SDI Solo Diver

SDI Solo Diver

Solo diving, once considered technical diving and discouraged by most certification agencies, is now seen by many experienced divers and some certification agencies as an acceptable practice for those divers suitably trained and experienced. Rather than relying on the traditional buddy diving safety system, solo divers should be skilled in self-sufficiency and willing to take responsibility for their own safety while diving.

This is the perfect course for underwater photography and underwater video divers as well as those diving with their children or buddies that may not be very experienced in scuba diving

Who this course is for:

The certified SDI Advanced Diver (or equivalent) who is interested in learning how to dive independent of a dive buddy, or looking to strengthen your buddy team diving skills.

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 21
  • Certified SDI Advanced Diver or equivalent
  • Provide proof of 100 logged dives

What you can expect to learn:

The SDI Solo Diver course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

  • Pros and cons of buddy diving and solo diving
  • Who Should Go Solo Diving?
  • Solo diving equipment
  • Planning and conducting a solo dive
  • Navigation
  • Solo Diving Emergency Management

Some of the essential skills you'll need to demonstrate include all of the following and more:
  • Demonstrate adequate pre-dive planning
  • Perform the planned dive correctly within the specified limits.
  • Equipment configuration suitable for solo diving, twinset or sidemount
  • Navigation skills
  • Buoy and reel use

What’s in it for you?

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in solo diving activities without direct supervision Instructor and without a buddy.

SDI Solo Diver minimum requirements:

  • Satisfactorily complete the SDI Solo Diver Knowledge Quests with a passing score of 80%, followed by 100% remediation by the Instructor.
  • Complete all open water requirements efficiently
For professionals: you can get Solo Instructor specialisation. Please, contact us for more detail

Solo diver course cost: 15000 rubles. The price includes: theory, exam, 3 dives, certification. Not included: rental of personal equipment.