Dry Suit

Dry Suit

Dive in a dry suit. This is great: dry, warm, comfortable, simply cool. Taking a Dry Suit course is a matter of just one day - 2 dives. This is very easy to do during your daily-diving. The theoretic part is not very big and we are going to deliver it right there on the shore before going for a dive and between the dives. More practice - you are going to do exercises connected with the safe use of a dry suit, as well as make dives, gaining practical skills in managing the suit under the supervision of experienced instructors. Is there a better place to take the course? - Lake Baikal is a sea with cold transparent waters, there are experienced instructors here, who make various types of dives in a dry suit - ice diving, cave diving, deep diving.

You can also take the course during a diving safari of Lake Baikal. Besides, we can offer many other courses. Our instructors are highly qualified and it will be useful to learn many things from them, which will make your daily diving more interesting.

Course requirements:

Open Water Scuba Diver, Junior Open Water Diver or equivalent. Minimum age - 18, 12 (with parental consent)

What you you can expect to learn:

Dry Suit Diver course studies in detail: types of dry suits, buoyancy control, general and technical maintenance, minor repairs, emergency situations in a dry suit.  Practical skills in a dry suit - managing “legs up” situations, buoyancy skills, hovering in a fixed position, emergency procedures in case of a dry suit malfunction.

What is in it for you?

Upon successful completion of the course the student can perform dives in a dry suit, which enables one to make their diving season longer, spend more time diving in cooler water and/or enjoy the better quality of their time underwater, feeling warm and comfortable in a dry suit.

For professionals: you can get qualified as a Dry Suit Instructor. Please, get in touch for more detail.

Dry suit diver course cost: 19000 rubles. The price includes: theory, two dives, certification. Not included: rental of personal equipment