Intro To Tech

Intro To Tech

Technical diving starts from an Intro to Tech course. This course is intended for a certified diver,  a diver who wishes to expand his/her knowledge, a diver who considers tech specialisation as one of the ways of further knowledge development. It is also designed for a certified tech diver who is looking for ways of making his/her knowledge broader.

Course requirements: minimum age 18 or 15 (with parental consent). Minimum certification level: SDI Advanced Scuba Diver or equivalent, 30 logged dives.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Planning a dive and gases for a dive from the tech (safer) view point

  • Will be an experienced user of a standard tech dive gear: twin tanks, metallic back, chest strip without buckles (streamlined rig), 2 regulators, 2-metre long regulator hose, lights, reels, buoy.

  • Will master the gear check routine, gear management procedures, as well as emergency situations standard procedures.

  • Do you think your buoyancy is neutral? You will realise that this is not so and will learn how to be truly neutral underwater. 

  • Do you think you can swim underwater? You will realise that this is not so and will learn different types of kicks, their utility  and different ways of positioning yourself in respect to your partner

  • You will learn to descend correctly and ascend slowly, step by step

  • You will learn team work and will realise how it is different from buddy system

What is in it for you? Having completed this course you are making the first step to:

  • Cave diving (do not mix (!!!) with recreational certification CAVERN DIVER)

  • Diving to sunken objects (do not mix (!!!) with recreational certification WRECK DIVER)

  • Long and deep dives

  • Diving with advanced gas mixes (Trimix, Triox, Heliox)

  • Plus to the above mentioned you will become a diver familiar with the basics of technical diving. You will be open to any other tech courses.

How can you apply for this course?

Book a course from BaikalTek instructor. Spare 4 days for diving under the instructor supervision (4 very long dives!). Spare a couple of days for personal training of the skills gained. Make a dive to demonstrate all the skills of an Intro to Tech diver.

Besides, BaikalTek instructors are there to deliver many other tech courses (please, visit this website for more detail). Some of our instructors are tech diving pioneers and have the highest rank of a dive coach qualification! They made record deep dives. All BaikalTek instructors polish their professional skills during multiple deep dives. Intro to Tech course and other tech courses from Lake Baikal tech instructor are sure to be on a very high professional level. BaikalTek logo on your certificate is a symbol of high quality education.

For professionals: you can get a Tech Instructor qualifications. Please, contact us for more detail.

The cost of the course is 28000 rubles.

The price includes: theory in the classroom, open water dives on Lake Baikal, certification for TDI Intro to Tech Diver

Not included: rental of personal equipment.