Daily Diving

Погружения на Байкале. Дейли-дайвинг. Дайвинг на Байкале в Листвянке

Daily Diving
365 days a year, in any weather, day of the week, for any number of divers

Number of days: any, from 1 dive

Comfortable diving and relaxation. Suitable if you just want to dive, without long transfers and super-activities.
All dives are from the shore. Moving between dive sites is by car. The use of the zodiac is impractical, because the drop-off begins 10-50 meters from the coastline. The depth on the shelf is 2 - 4 meters. Convenient for check-diving. A couple of minutes along the shelf - and any depths - from 3 to 100+ meters. You can choose a dive site for a specific dive.

Ideal for:
» Family holidays with children
» One-time dives during a short rest on Baikal
» A series of dives as part of a club trip or with friends
» Any courses - from Open Water Scuba Diver, Dry Suit, Ice Diver to IDC and Trimix Instructor
»Technical diving. The proximity to Irkutsk allows to quickly prepare any gases. 

Daily - diving in Listvyanka is similar to the one in Dahab. Hotels and restaurants on the shore, across the road, literally in 10 meters, - Baikal. As for the choice of hotels, no other place on Baikal can compare with Listvyanka. There is everything here - from super - economy accommodation (500 rubles / day) to two-story rooms with a jacuzzi.

In addition to diving: various activities - dog sledding and downhill skiing (winter), horseback riding (summer), excursions along the Circum-Baikal Railway, the Baikal Museum, the Taltsy Museum, trekking (one-day and multi-day) along the Great Baikal Trail, boat excursions.

Location & price

Where? - in Listvyanka Village
When? - any day, by prior reservation (at least 2-3 days in advance).

Daily schedule:
9.00 - meeting in Listvyanka
9.00 - 10.00 - preparation for diving
10.00 - 11.00 - arrival at the dive site, briefing
11.00 - 12.00 - 1st dive
12.00 - 13.30 - rest, free time
13.30 - arrival at the dive site, briefing
14.00 - 15.00 - 2nd dive

What can you see?
Listvyanka is Baikal in miniature. There are 10 dive sites in Listvyanka. A variety of landscapes - walls, canyons, grottoes. There are all representatives of the Baikal flora and fauna - sponge, gammarus, bull-head fish, nerpa (Baikal seal).

How much is?
» Diving package for 5 days - 15,000 rubles. (2 dives per day, tanks, weight belts, weights).
» Package of ice diving for 5 days - 25,000 rubles. (2 dives per day, tanks, weight belts, weights).

» Guiding (for certified divers, group of 2 or more people) - 2000 rubles / person
» Ice diving (for certified divers, in a group of 2 or more people) - 5000 rubles / person
» Tank - 600 rubles
» Delivery of equipment from Irkutsk to Listvyanka / transfer by instructor's car - 2000 rubles (small car)

Additionally: transfer from Irkutsk, equipment rental, individual diving with an instructor.

Diving conditions

Shore diving. The depth starts at 20-100 m from the coastline.

Water temperature: + 1 ° С (January-May), + 4 + 6 ° С (June-July), + 8 + 16 ° С (July-August - in the upper layer), + 8 + 10 (September-October) , + 6 + 4 ° С (November-December).
In July - August, the upper layer of water may warm up. However, below the thermocline (from 10 - 15 m) the water, as a rule, does not always exceed + 6 + 4 ° С.
Visibility: Depends on upwelling (current from deep), storms and wind. As a rule, in Listvyanka the visibility does not exceed 10-15 m.
Currents: rare, usually weak.

Recommended equipment - dry suit, dry gloves, 2 regulators (for extremly cold water, mark 0-4°C), 3 layers undergarment: thermal underwear, special diving underwear maximum den (Arctic 4 Element, Body Tec2 Waterproof or similar) + undersuit max den (BZ400 Santi, Wezzle Extreme or similar), 2 pairs of wool socks.

Exclusive daily diving

If you prefer to dive elsewhere, we will organize a dive anywhere on Baikal. Depending on your choice of dive sites - to be organized by the delivery of equipment and the arrival of instructor:
- by speed boat
- by ship
- by car
- by helicopter

Diving outside Listvyanka is possible both in summer and in winter (ice diving).

The cost is calculated individually.