Maloe More

Maloe More

Dive sites of the Small Sea (Maloe Sea) are notable for their shallow waters and not good visibility but they may be very scenic then know where and when to dive.

First of all this is the best place for ice diving jeep trips in winter and spring periods. There are a lot of compression cracks that are very interesting to dive since they form many fanciful underwater constructions, ice hummocks, caverns – all are very interesting to investigate. At the same time the infrastructure on Olkhon Island in Khuzhir village is qute developed compare to other regions of the lake. So it is good place to base camp. Look for winter diving trips in special section of the web page

The dive sites: Zmeevaya Bay, Sennaya Bay Olkhonskaya, Cable, Zagli Bay, Ulyutai, Teinik, Shamanka, Borokchin, Elenka, Planaria, Otto-Khushun, Kharantsy, Three Brothers, Zama. During the Ice Diving Safari, you go diving at the so-called No Name Cracks.

Sennaya Bay Olkhonskaya
Sennaya Olkhonskaya. Photo by Olga Kamenskaya

Recommended depths: four to 25 meters for photographing and filming, 5-25 meters for recreational dives.

It is not by chance that we especially point it out that Bay Sennaya is in Olkhon Gates, because there are many different bays of the same name in the Baikal, as well as there are several Tolstiy capes and Gannet capes.

Sennaya Olkhonskaya. Photo by Olga KamenskayaThe dive begins with a big stone amphitheater. We move further away out of the bay. A stone inclination covered in multiple colonies of sponges.

Planaria. Photo by Gennady Misan Гаммарус. Фото Ольга Каменская

Recommended depth: 4-15 meters for photographing, filming, and recreational dives.

There is a big colony of planarians and white gammari on the site. When diving here, you can see some of the planarians and many gammari.

Ice crack No Name
В ледовыз наворотах. Фото Геральд Новак Под прозрачным льдом. Фото Геральд Новак

Small Sea (Maloe Sea) is a popular place for ice diving expeditions. Diving at ice cracks and ice ridges as well as diving under transparent ice is a well-known Baikal zest. Such dive sites are usually called No Name Ice Cracks.

Recommended depths: one to 10 meters for photographing, filming, and recreational dives.