The dive area includes the Barguzin nature reserve, Barguzin Bay, Chivyrkui Bay, and the Svyatoi Nos Peninsula. Despite the large size of the area, there are not so many dive sites here. You can visit the area during the Round-Baikal safari (14 days). An 8-day diving safari program also includes Barguzin Bay and Chivyrkui Bay.

During the Barguzin Ice Diving Safaris, you can enjoy ice diving and watch the seals.

The dive sites: Cape Lakanda, Ayaya Bay, the Kabanya, Bolshaya Cheremshannaya Bay, The Chivyrkui River, Lokhmaty Island, Goly Island, Zmejevaya Bay, Verkhneje Izgolovje, Nizhneje Izgolovie, Bratsky, Markova, Chervyaki, Glinka, Krest, Turka shoal, and Violet. During the Ice Diving Safari, you go diving at the so-called No Name Cracks.

Нерпа на лаканде. Фото Харальда ХойсаДетский дайвинг в сафари. Лаканда. Фото Ольги КаменскойA place for recreational dives up to 15 meters. Special seal-watching dives are possible.
The Kabanya River
Возле речки Кабанья. Фото Ольга КаменскаяВозле речки Кабанья. Фото Ольга Каменская

The site is located where the Kabanya River flows in Lake Baikal.

It is a place for recreational dives up to 6 meters.

Usually, you dive here to see graylings. The big surreal-looking snags on the floor are convenient to hold on to. You can “hang” in the current waiting for a grayling or even a lenok (Asiatic trout) to appear.

The Chivyrkui River
Речка Чивыркуй. Фото Ольги КаменскойРечка Чивыркуй. Фото Ольги Каменской

There are two dive sites here. The first one is the river itself. The second one is where the river flows into Lake Baikal.

When drifting down the river in October and November, you can see the omul going to their spawning grounds as well as the grayling and lenok that live in the area.

Chervyaki (Earthworms)
На сайте Червяки. Фото Ольги КаменскойБычок на дайвсайте Червяки. Фото Ольги КаменскойRecommended depths: four to 25 meters for photographing and filming; 8-40 meters for recreational dives; up to 100 meters for deep and trimix dives.

There is a grand long drop-off here, deep and overgrown with sponges. The site is called Chervyaki (Worms) because of the huge colony of earthworms the origin of which is not yet explained by the scientists.

Below 45 meters, you can see a drop-off paved with absolutely white big stones. The deeper, the more stones, and they merge into a solid white field. An unbelievable view that only a few lucky ones can see.

No Name Cracks
В ледяных блоках. Фото Геннадий Мисан.jpgНерпа под льдом. Фото Ольги Каменской

"Barguzin" is a popular place for ice diving expeditions. Diving at ice cracks and ice ridges as well as diving under transparent ice is a well-known Baikal zest. Such dive sites are usually called No Name Ice Cracks.

Seal-watching programs are also popular here.

Recommended depths: one to 10 meters for photographing, filming, and recreational dives.